Sugar Bush Fairies is a whimsical and unique home based business that caters to the decorative needs of the fairy folk realm.  We create enchanted handcrafted wooden fairy doors for your home and garden.  Simply lean them against a tree or rock, place them on a bookshelf, hang them on a wall or set them against a baseboard.  These doors are available in a variety of adorable styles to capture the eye of even the most discriminating pixie, brownie, goblin, hobbit, elf, leprechaun, sprite or other fairy folk.  Each door is a portal allowing the fairy folk to enter into our lives, bringing with them the special magic of their realm.

The chief designer behind the Sugar Bush Fairies is Alan Cornfield.  Alan is very experienced in the design and crafting of wood products.  He has been a design engineer in the furniture industry for the past 20 years.  Alan’s expertise

can be seen in the meticulous work he puts into each door’s individual details.  He has the ability to capture the magic that every door promises and create it for your enjoyment.

After the doors are designed, they are then artistically painted by his partner, Sarah.  Sarah discovered her passion for painting several years ago.  She enjoys various mediums of painting, from folk art to nature.  Sarah has always been intrigued by tales of the fairy folk and was very excited to be able to assist in these creations.  Some of the fairy doors have very detail paintings on them, which makes them one of a kind artisan collectables.  A lot of thought and time is put into each door.

Together, we have developed the Sugar Bush Fairies Studio that is located in Digby, Nova Scotia. From our workshop, we find endless inspiration to create from the mystical just at our door step, out into all the nature surrounding us. We have a passion for the whimsical. the magical, and all the intangible things that fills a life with joy.