Handcrafted Fairy Doors for your Home or Garden

We created a product with a whimsical nature that inspires and evokes a magic and wonder. Our fairy doors open the imagination, asks questions, and lifts a smile to faces.

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Healing with the Fairies

An alternative healing modality to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

All About Fairy Doors

Everything, from how to find a home for your new fairy door, to how to accessorize your new fairy home to attract a magical wee folk.

How to see Fairies

Learning to see without expectations, experience without rationalization, and to imagine without limits.

The Celtic Connection

A history and tradition revived for todays world. Taking teachings from our ancestors and using the wisdom to progress spiritually amonst a material world.

From The Blog

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What a wonderful whimsical craft you have created to be truly enjoyed by all ages. My son who lives in the Bracebridge area has plans to create a magical walk thru forest area on his lot for his two daughters aged 2 & 4 and purchased for himself a few of the doors to put up in the trees so the girls can watch for the fairies to come out. They do this every evening almost before bedtime. Your craft truly helps keep the imagination of old and young alike alive. Keep up the great work. Lona G